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To anyone for GBAtemp.net:

I, Wii_Ds, got banned from the Forum. But don't be sad now!! i'm in the Process of making a new account. Oh and i wonder why the Admins didn't ban the IP of the Proxy website i used....that would make me stop coming back. Hah suckers.

I had the R4DS Review done yesterday but forgot to add it. Well it has been added now, sorry for the delay.
find it at the Slot-1 Card Reviews.


Ouch, http://www.romulation.net/ got shut down. Something BIG is going down, first demonoid had problems with the authorities, OiNK got raided and the admin arrested, Divineo got raided by Nintendo. Oh well there is other sources to get you magic fix on roms.

oh and btw, i got turned down for review copies of the lastest flash cards by two flash card teams....come on!!!!


The 3-in-1 review is up, find it at the Slot-2 Card Reviews.


Added the Review of the eWin Expansion Pack, you can find it at the Slot-2 Card Reviews page. I also edited the Nav bar at the side for much cleanest. I added a Contact Form in case you need to contact me regarding any issues/questions. 3-in-1 Review coming very soon.

Just starting the website, the reviews will be up very soon.